Monday, April 25, 2011

Why I'm SUCH A Freaking Nag...

On occasion, I have been known to be called a nag. On all of these occasions, the accuser has been my loving husband. All I have to say is: GUILTY AS CHARGED. Now, you may wonder why I would willingly ADMIT to being a nagging wife (tempted as you may be to point out that that is the fiber of which bad, bad wives are made); in fact, not only do I admit to it, but I am PROUD of my nagging-ness.

- Here is a conversation which Loving Husband and I had this morning:

Nagging Wife: You are going to meet Skye and the nanny in the lobby at 10:45 and take Skye to class today, right?

Loving Husband: Of course I am.

- Now, let's jump ahead in the morning to about 10:30:

Nagging Wife (thinking to herself): Hmmm...I wonder if I should remind Loving Husband about picking up Skye. No, no, he'll just get mad at me for nagging. I'm sure he'll totally remember on his own.

- Jump ahead AGAIN to the staff lunchroom at...oh, say, about noon:

Nagging Wife: How was Skye when you dropped her off? Did she scream a lot? How much did she cry?

Loving Husband: Oh, crap! I completely forgot to take her, and I just realized it ABOUT TWO MINUTES AGO!

It is at this point that Loving Husband runs out of the room, frantically calling the nanny to find out what happened, and comes back in the room relieved to announce that the nanny finally gave up waiting on his slacking self and took Skye to class on her own.

So, you know. The whole nagging thing? I'm thinking it's not so bad. Actually, what I'm REALLY thinking is that it's totally, totally justified.

Just saying.


  1. ha- I love it!! totally the story of my life! "mike, while you are at the store can you bring me milk, crackers and juice?" 10 minutes later he's back from the store with bread, cheese and soda!

    I am a nag but usually for good reason! =)

  2. Lora, I ALWAYS have a good reason for my nagging! SOME people may not want to admit that, but it's true...

    And you sound pretty justified yourself, if I may say so!

  3. I can join this club -- easily. I hate to be part of a cliche, but seriously, when you don't say anything (i.e. nag), things don't get done. Or at least they don't get done "right." Haha!

  4. Word to that, Maria!