Sunday, April 3, 2011

This Is What Passes For Fun Around Our House

This was Day 5 of our Spring Break. Clearly, and we did not provide enough stimulating activities for our kids as they were forced to create their own amusement with their Zhazhu Pet. And I have to say, that annoying little bundle of fur that I initially cursed as Kaia opened it as one of her fourth birthday presents suddenly came in LOADS of handy as we were lying on the couch wondering how the hell our kids sleep so little yet have so much energy.

Oh, and we finally cut Skye's bangs. Because she was starting to blindly run into things. And resemble the neighbor's shaggy dog. And yes, we cut them ourselves, because we were just not physically or emotionally ready for the screamfest that we were sure a trip to the hair salon would manifest into.

Just smile and tell us that it looks OK. Seriously.


  1. very funny!
    we had one of those critters but the thought of a mouse etc. running around gave me the creeps, I couldn't stand the high squeaking so it "got lost"- yes I am a cruel mother!

    I think Skys hair looks darling so-way to go on the bangs!

  2. I know- I was really not happy with it when Kaia got it as a gift! I thought it was sooooooo annoying, but then I discovered that it was fun to use it to mess with the cat, and our kids seem to love it.

    So, I'll let it hang around for a bit longer, but when the batteries run out, I may not replace them!

  3. ummmmm..... Skye looks darling. The girls are a crack up. didn't I give Kaia that Zhuzhu pet? Just sayin' All you haters! I love our little battery operated hamsters running around. They don't stink, they're pretty cute, no fear of breeding, dying, stepping on it and feeling it's little bones break -- I do love that Kaia and Skye communicate in screech. Miss all of you! Kat