Sunday, March 27, 2011

Because You All Seem To Think She's SOOOOOO Stinkin' Cute!

People are always telling me how cute my youngest, Skye, is. They seem to have no idea what lurks beneath the surface, or of the fact that on some days, I crawl into bed just grateful to have made it through another day with that kid!

Like today, for example...

Here is Skylie at 7:00 a.m: 9:00 a.m: 11:30 a.m:

Yep, we decided to take her out in public! Not sure why... 4:00 p.m:

And this was AFTER a nap!

...and finally, at bedtime:

These pictures don't even chronicle the whole day! Left out are the pics of: poor Jabiz suffering through Gymboree class with her, us trying to throw a little bit of food into her mouth in between screams during dinner, or the on-the-floor tantrum that she threw in the mall when I insisted that she could not climb UP the slide in order to go down it- that tantrum ended with us slinking off in shame while being stared at by several Indonesians who could clearly not believe that we would say NO to such an adorable child.

So I ask you: How cute is this???

I know, it's still pretty freaking cute. We are in such big trouble.


  1. is it just wrong that I laughed my way all through this post!

    I'm SO sorry she's being a little stinker-but lucky for HER she is really really cute!

  2. No, it's not wrong, Lora- you've got to laugh through the insanity! Though I admit that I wasn't laughing yesterday until AFTER she was in bed...

    These pics also highlighted our need to finally cut her bangs. Good lord, no wonder she was crying- she probably couldn't see anything!