Monday, March 21, 2011

Are We Raising A Klepto?

Skye has an interesting pastime that has won her the nickname Community Monkey. However, many people have no idea what that means and think that we are some kind of weird, simian-obsessed family. Let me enlighten you.

Skye has a habit of going into any drawer, cabinet, basket, etc., grabbing anything she can get her little hands on, and running away with it, only to put it god-knows-where until someone either finds it and says, "What is my deodorant doing in the laundry hamper?" or until someone needs the item and then proceeds to screech, "Where are my glasses? They were in my nightstand and now they are gone! You check the toybox, and I'll check the utensils drawer!" or "Where the @#*& is my phone? Someone call it! CALL IT!"

One night, we were watching one of our favorite shows, Community, when the episode hit a little too close to home. The character of Annie was missing her pen, and reacted in the following way:

The rest of the episode was spent trying to figure out who had taken the pen, until the end, when the culprit was revealed:

Needless to say, we both sat up, looked at each other and yelled, "It's Skyelar!" She probably won't really appreciate this story when she's older (what with being compared to a monkey and all that), but we are convinced that somewhere in the depths of our house, there is a secret nest made of all of the missing things that Skye has taken over the past few months.

Hence, the nickname.

It has become so commonplace to call her Community Monkey that even our 4-year-old has gotten into the habit. At any time in our house, you can hear someone saying, "Hey, Community Monkey is in your bathroom drawer again!", or "Mom, Community Monkey has your brand new, moderately-expensive hair pomade... again!" (OK, these EXACT words may not be used, but you see my point).

If you were to walk into our bathroom, there is a 95% chance that this is what you will see:
Followed by:


And then it is very likely that these items will disappear into the vast, unknown depths of Skye's secret stash.

We are hoping that this is just a phase that she will grow out of, and not some bizarre preparation for a future career, because while Community Monkey may be a cute nickname for an 18-month-old, it is not nearly as cute when made permanent as a prison tattoo!

Do your kids have any annoying habits that have garnered them awesome nicknames?


  1. Ophelia, our 3.5-going-on-17 year old middle daughter, is the same. We've nicknamed her Bowerbird after the birds who like to connect shiny things to put in their nests! We're currently missing one remote control, various hair brushes and who-knows-whatelse!

  2. So...what I'm hearing you say, Clint, is that this could go on for another two years?? Seriously? I don't know if we'll have anything left by that time! Looks like it may be time for a trip to the hardware store for some padlocks.

  3. Too funny. My son is in the phase of putting everything in the bin! Everything! We have found our tv remotes, camera, shoes, wallet, bag of potatoes... just to name a few. We have had to move our kitchen outside just to prevent this from happening. Instead this has resulted him putting objects now in drawers, the fridge, inside lamp shades!! I guess it's our own fault as we taught him to dispose of his own nappy early but seems to have gone too far. It's pretty cute though.

  4. oops, meant to say we moved our kitchen bin outside.. sorry

  5. I call my five year old Quinci "monkey" but that is because she climbs everything. When she was four she was jumping off the top of her bunk bed. Had she been our first, she would have been our last.