Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I Resolve...

OK, you all! It has been a long time since my last blog post, and while I would love to blame it all on my busy life, that is really no excuse! Plenty of people who I know are busier than I am find the time to blog on a regular basis. I guess my main excuse is that I put most of my time and energy into my class blog, and need to try and figure out the art of managing more than one blog (successfully) at a time. Not to mention the fact that I never really feel like the things going on in my daily life are blog-worthy. Then I took a good look at some of the blogs that I like to follow, and realized that their lives really aren’t much more blog-worthy than mine, but I am fascinated by them nonetheless.

So my belated New Year’s Resolution is to put a new blog post up every week. Now
, normally I don’t do New Year’s resolutions, because they make me feel like a failure. Over the years, I’ve found that making New Year’s resolutions is pretty much tantamount to trying to make myself into someone who I’m not. I mean, if I really was the type of person who could get up at 5:00 a.m. everyday and work out, or make elaborate 5-course meals every night, wouldn’t I already be doing it? Clearly, I am NOT that type of person, and resolving to be will only end with me beating myself up for sleeping late or serving mac & cheese for dinner. Again.

However, this is one resolution that I think I can keep. I think that I might be th
e type of person who can post on my blog once a week. I’m not saying that my posts will always be exciting, or relevant, or even GOOD, I’m just saying that they will be…here.

So, speaking of resolutions, has anyone ever made any New Year’s resolutions that they’ve managed to keep? If you have, I want to know what they are!


  1. Is it weird that as your husband and friend I am leaving a comment on your blog, rather than talking about it at home?

    And the answer is no! Because a blog is more than a public journal, it is a place where we create and share conversations. By leaving my two cents here, I may encourage others to comment and I will be able to hear what they have to say about your thoughts, which not something we could do in our kitchen.

    I really admire you for the effort you have shown in all things tech, but this latest commitment to blogging is fantastic. As a writer I believe that we can know people intimately, but you really nothing gets you closer than words on a page. I am excited to see this side of you. I am curious to see what you choose to highlight and what to leave out. Anyway, good on ya for taking this on.

    But back to your actual post, I refuse to make resolutions for the exact same reasons, but do feel if we commit to something and do it for a while it becomes a habit and habits can be changed. It just takes commitment. I have been able to quit drinking for instance because there was no out for me. It was a full on commitment on my part, but I do not make that level of commitment to many things. The question becomes how bad do you want it. What ever It is....

  2. Hello Mairin. I'm not into New Year resolutions either. My resolutions can happen at any time, but normally follow what I have felt in my core for some time. I have my way of exercising with things and implementing them in my life, until I have learned enough from them and I know the good, bad or mediocre consequences. As far as resolutions go, I think my hikes with my dog or friends are parallel to reading as many books as I can fit into my days. I am also training myself to read faster and understand better. Blog posts and FB help with that. In the way that I can get the gist of a writer, more easily than say a year ago. I feel good about that. I also feel good about my physical condition. I am in a better shape at 54 (now) than 10 years ago. That wasn't a resolution either, it just happened over time by learning what feels better to me and my head.

    You know, my hat's off to you for raising your young children, working And blogging Two blogs you said?! More power to you!
    I will look for them, as one "resolution" in process for me is to turn myself into an ex-pat mom. Even though the difference is that my daughter is 18, in college and very supportive of my right to finally take the time and see more of the world. She agrees that we have lived in Marin, CA too long!

  3. I am new to your blog, and found it through your husband's tweet! I wish my husband would comment on things I post on-line. Partially because I'd like for others to know the sweet and funny but often shy man I love, but mostly because I'd like to know he cares enough to read what I think and have an opinion about what I find important (even if it’s that he doesn't find it important!).
    That aside, I am guilty of making resolutions at more than just New Year's. I rarely stick with them, even if I manage to make it to the "magical" 30 day mark. (I read somewhere once it takes 30 days to make a habit and 30 days to break one.) The closest I've come to keeping a resolution is to not smoke anymore. I still smoke, unfortunately. However, it is pretty much only when I'm around my best friend who smokes.
    Anyhow, good luck with the blogging. I really enjoy seeing the videos posted by your daughter. She is adorable and brilliant! I can't wait for my sister to get her computer so when I'm up I can teach my nieces a few tricks.


  4. Congrats on recommitting to the blog again-- I found it through Jabiz's facebook post and I think you should publicize it too! I'm sometimes disheartened by the things I "commit" to and then later realize are unrealistic and I agree with you that if I were the kind of person to work out 5x a week (a common resolution of mine:) or stop eating out to save money (why? i love it and i love in new york!) then I would already be doing those things. Still, my resolution since Oliver was born is to try to be more present in general and always with him since it's all going so fast already. Lofty? Yes, for me. But also a good reminder about it being okay for the dishes to sit dirty and the dustballs to gather (until he starts crawling I guess...).


    Can you share your class blog? and your blogroll? (if that's the term-- i want to know what blogs you read and are fascinated by...)

  5. If you don't enjoy posting to the blog, don't do it :) Life is way too short to do things we dread doing (and many we can't avoid anyway like getting old or paying taxes ;)

    I made a resolution this year (not a new year's resolution) to lose a bunch of extra weight. So far, I have lost around 18 pounds. Part of the reason I am being successful is the school is having a competition. Since I am somewhat competitive this really helps.

  6. @Wm Chamberlain

    Sorry Will, but I have to disagree with you. Sometimes in order to get into a groove or find your habit you must push yourself and make it uncomfortable. Writing is no different. Sure sometimes it pours out and feels like you are not even in control, but other times it is a struggle and you have to push yourself to see what you can squeeze out.

    Writing this book, there have been nights when I dreaded writing, but after getting loosened did some of my best work.

    Sure life is too short to do things we dread, but I don't think writing, for those of us who have committed to it, is a dreadful act. Sometimes painful, but always rewarding.

    @mjs I agree a blog roll of blogs Mairin reads would be great. I am curious too.

  7. Thanks for the comments, guys! I do enjoy blogging, actually, but my problem seems to be making it a priority with all of the other stuff that I have to do...I have a post-it on my desktop of topics that I've thought of to blog about. Someday! So, since some of you have managed to actually keep a few resolutions, I'm going to try my best to clear those topics from my post-its one by one.

    @mjs, I've added a few blogs that I read regularly. I read mostly parenting blogs these days. If you know of any that you like, let me know! My class blog is:

    Oh, and you may as well eat out as much as you now, because when Oliver is a it older, going to restaurants may be the last thing that you want to do! Very often, I'd rather stay at home and eat my bad cooking than sit through a meal in a restaurant with my kids. Though there is always take-out...

  8. Hi again....I LOVE your class blog. It makes me want to teach in a school where classrooms have computers and the students all have computers (and internet) at home! Yes, I'm still in the Bronx.

    Did you see this:

    And then this, which references the above:

    So, basically, rock on mommy blogger! You matter!